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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A collective fulfillment story from Sambalpur


 PERIOD: August 2008 to March 2010

It was beset with many problems including strained Industrial relations, customer apathy etc., crowded with hundreds of customers in the branch. This was the state when I assumed charge. Paper work had already been initiated for improving branch ambience, customer facilities etc. Over the period of 2 years my efforts have  fructified under my own eyes. Today the branch is a place where customers feel welcome and are able to transact their business in a stress free atmosphere. I enclose photographs showing the branch then and now.

1.  Did it involve many people from the unit ? What kind of teaming effort took place ?
     Involvement of staff   commenced with monthly staff meetings. The single window operators were encouraged to meet  monthly on their own informally.In the course of these meetings the staff came up with a number of valuable suggestions which were implemented earnestly. Some of these are:
i.            Staff formed groups of 2-3 people each. These groups focused on educating customers in various functional aspects like usage of ATM cards, INB,MBS, filling up forms, withdrawal slips etc.
ii.          The Grahak Mitra became the 1st point of interaction  and started to guide people to  go for alternate channels usage & cross selling.
iii.         The customer relations officers focused on ensuring that account opening of SB/CA/ STDR/ TDR was prompt .
iv.       The manager (BO) was the hub around which the entire  team revolved. He  took decisions promptly whenever exigencies arose.
v.        The CRE (PB) maintained liason with a DDO’s of various government departments. He also made it a point to visit all HNI customers.
vi.       A core team was formed to give important suggestions in implementing the ambience change at the branch. This team also functioned as the premises committee and took charge of minor matters like customer amenities, staff amenities, providing Mobile charging point, newspapers, Internet Kiosk and drinking water etc.
2.  How did it energise people in the unit ?
     Staff felt  a sense of togetherness amongst themselves. It resulted in new friendships. Everyday brought with it new challenges. They did not think of these as problems. The work atmosphere in the branch changed dramatically. Every month, sincere staff wo have performed well  have been awarded with best employee of the month(photos attached) which energiged all atafff to get the award. There was cheerfulness everywhere. Even the silent ones and the skeptics were enthused by the atmosphere.The mood in the branch changed from pessimism to optimism.
3.  What kind of fulfillment did it result in for the collective involved (staff and customers) ?
     Fulfilment came from recognition of staff members. There was a sense of pride amongst staff that they were doing something which was adding to their job satisfaction. Customers felt good that their jobs were being completed without undue delays. Complaints became very few. Many people felt that they could rely upon  the staff and the commitments made by them. Many customers were satisfied that there were able  to realize their aspirations whether it was a car or a house or funding their child’s education.
4.  How did it enhance your interactions with the customer community ?
The people  were pleasantly surprised that staff of SBI would come out of their workplace and make customer calls. Many felt that their Bank had come to their homes. There was no instance where any staff member was made to feel unwelcome during any customer visit. The response to visits mad eby our staff was excellent. We were able to make our presence felt in the market.

5.  What are the sustainable results of these contributions in your unit ?
     Improved visibility in the Market, amongst customers, Government  Officials and  our competitors.
     Staff members got motivated and fel l that there was a larger purpose in their daily work.
The work  atmosphere was very positive and staff  enjoy their work. Any new development in bank is discussed enthusiastically in staff meetings.
Last but not the least business grew from     Rs.182 Cr to 302 Cr from March 2008 to March 2010(65% growth)
Branch got recognition  due to the sincere efforts made by entire team ie. staff members who have been energised for branch’s growth  and due to inter personal relationship and bonding was high among the staff members. Due to our sincerre efforts, we  got applodes from higher authorities.  Performance of the branch is given below:-
1.      Highest personnel segment growth  in network-II  i.e. from 110 crores to 153 crores during 2009-2010.
2.      Best Branch in NW-II in mobilising Corparate Salary Package A/c’s during 2009-2010
3.      Best branch in mobilising  under Demat / E-Z trade during 2009-2010.
4.      Per employee business growth from 2.33 crore in 2008 to 4.57 crores in 2010.(nearly 100% Groth)
5.      Other Income growth was from Rs.1.72 Cr to  Rs.2.43 Cr ( a growth of 41% in 2 Years.)
6.      Best branch in cros selling i.e. 3 MDRT’s and income for the branch is Rs.15.64 laks from Rs.4.57 in 2008.
7.      Net profit rose from Rs 6.82 Cr to Rs.10.46 crores(53% growth)
8.       In SBI Life , two CIF’s became MDRT and branch earned  more than 15 lacs commission

Contributed by W.V.Lakshman Rao
Chief Manager

CitizenSBI Blog thanks Mr  B.V.RANGADHAM, Citizen Facilitator, Bhubaneswar Circle for providing us this story.

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