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Monday, February 21, 2011

Citizen SBI: Intervention III

Market Engagement

It takes place when we act in a spirit of enlightened self-interest - a win win for all stake holders in our dealing with the market. We reach out to the community by coming out of our branches.

The emphasis is not on product selling but market engagement. To bring this about we need to know the economic environment in which we function and what are our various sub parameters that make up this eco system.

There is then a need to zero in on the eco-system we need to engage with. Having identified the eco-system, we next need to evaluate where we stand and where we need to go. Our intervention is to be based on the pragmatic assessment of our abilities, and the likely results post our intervention.

The intervention has to be collaborative. A bringing together of direct and indirect stake holders for a solution which may be transcendental. We work towards making a selective contribution that results in

  • Fulfilment for self
  • Business and trust building for SBI
  • Definable improvement in society/community
  • Leading to sustainable long term relationship with market players and customer
(CitizenSBI Blog thanks Mr Shuvinder Hemraj, Facilitator, Citizen SBI Intervention-III, Bhopal Circle for providing us these inputs. We invite contributions from facilitators in various Circles regarding the intervention.)

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