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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Contribution Project: SSI Finance Branch, Suklia Indore



Name of participant and present branch / office:           

Name of the branch where project was undertaken:              
SSI Finance Branch Suklia Indore    

Brief description of the project:
To turnover the state of affairs of the branch.

Why the need for the project arose:

i)                    Business of the branch was declining year to year and came down to almost 50% within 4 years.
ii)                   Poor customer service resulted bad image of the branch/bank.
iii)                  Staff was adequate but under-utilized / undisciplined / no work culture.
iv)                No focus on SSI/SME customers / borrowers inspite of having huge potential as branch is situated in industrial area.

How it was implemented and results:

1.       Did it involve many people from the unit? What kind of teaming/team work took place?

          Reasons / causes for dismal performance were analysed and staff meeting was conducted.        Customer feed back from various segments including representatives of an big corporate   account having good deposits with the branch was taken.  Equitable distribution among    the staff was ensured.  Each member was given importance to cater different tasks.

  2.     How did it energize the people in the unit?

          Entire staff was taken into confidence.  Members started involving into the work and      responds to the customer needs.  Cash Department took initiatives to take receipts etc.   lots loans also.  F.O. marketed some SME proposals initially.

3.       What kind of fulfillment did it result in for the collective involved (team members and customers)?

          When the things started improving, every member experienced self satisfaction and      encouraged when improving the image of the branch with better improved customer          service.  Resulted collective results.

4.       How did it enhance the interaction with the customer community?

          Since each member of the staff was assigned to focus on different segment customers, daily interaction resulted customer satisfaction and reinforced relationship.

5.       What were the sustainable results of this Contribution Project in the unit?

          Team work and improved customer service at the branch and outside of the branch        resulted achievement of all the budgeted parameters of the branch within 6 months.       Every member of the staff was elevated and good growth in SME segment was registered. 

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