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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big birds of the storm

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

When there is a severe storm, birds with small wings are caught up in it, but large birds with strong wings fly upwards and save themselves from becoming victims of the storm. 

On the basis of this phenomenon, there is a saying in the English language: " Big birds of the storm." This applies to people of high thinking, to those who can save themselves from the environmental storm. That is, they can live on their own without becoming affected by the external world. 

Who are the 'big birds' of the storm? They are the 'big bird thinkers', who can live independently, drawing on their own mental resources. Big bird thinkers are those who do not become angry even when provoked. They are those who maintain their positivity even in negative situations, who can control their thoughts in such a way that they can see all men and women as human beings, whether friends or foes, and who can keep the peace even if others turn violent. 

'Big bird thinkers' are those who are so mature that nothing can distract them from their objectives, who give well-considered responses when in adverse situations, rather than simply indulging in an emotional backlash. 

There is a saying in Hindi "Kutte bhonkte rehte hain aur hathi chalta rehta hai " - the elephant walks on without being disturbed by barking dogs. This is the best illustration of one who has the capacity for 'big bird thinking'. Life is full of storms, full of barking, full of untoward situations - these things are due to the laws of nature and no one is in a position to abolish the laws of nature. So, you have only two options: either to waste your time and energy by constantly stooping to reactionary behaviour or to ignore all undesirable situations and try to live like the elephant in the adage. Elephant-style living is the only successful way to live in this world. 

'Big bird thinking' is only another name for spiritual thinking. Spirituality is not something mysterious: it is positive thinking. All spiritual people are positive thinkers and all positive thinkers are spiritual in nature. Spirituality and positive thinking are almost synonymous with each other. 

There is a beautiful story in Hindu mythology: Once a man became furious and he kicked Ram in the chest. Ram's response was quite unique. He said: "Mere lokhan seene se tumhare komal paunwen ko chot to nahi lagi?" - I hope your soft leg was not hurt by my iron chest. 

Spiritual behaviour is friendly behaviour towards every human being -- to both friends and foes alike. Spiritual behaviour is like the behaviour of flowers that can live with all their fragrance in the neighbourhood of thorns. 

An Urdu poet has beautifully expressed this: "Gulshan parast houn mughe gul hi nahi azeez, katoon se bhi nibha kiye ja raha houn mein." - I am a lover of nature, i don't only love flowers, but i can live normally with thorns as well. 

Spirituality is good for the all-round development of the individual's personality, for it makes you free of tension and friendly towards all. Spirituality is the way to all kind of success. 

Positive thinking makes you a 'big bird thinker' and 'big bird thinking' imbues the human character with spirituality. Although this is an inner quality, it is this inner quality that has the power to better all your external affairs.


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