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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laughter Yoga for Citizens SBI

Rooftop Laughter at State Bank Learning Centre, Indore

37 Branch Managers of Regional Business Office, Ratlam are presently attending Contribution Lab at State Bank Learning Centre, Indore. They begin their day early in the morning with Laughter Yoga at the roof top of the learning centre. This gives them a lot of oxygen and a great feeling of wellness which lasts through out the day during the CitizenSBI programme.

Laughter Yoga has taken them to their 'being' level instantly and they feel more attentive in their classroom sessions after breathing and laughter exercises in the morning. They feel relaxed and stress free. Laughter Yoga is seen as a great tool for team building by them.

The laughter sessions are being regularly conducted by Radhika Bisht and Jagat Singh Bisht, AGM(Training) at the Centre.

Some photographs of the laughter session this morning:

Please visit "Laughter Club Of State Bank Learning Centre, Indore" page on Facebook for more photographs.

CoolBisht / Indore

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  1. Very nice to know about the new initiative started by you for the benefit of Citizens SBI!!!!