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Thursday, October 14, 2010


By Archana B A

The most complicated exercise in one’s life is the process of detachment. That also colludes with one’s space or independence. Detachment is derived from the word ‘Attachment”, when you are attached to something then it leads to detachment in due course.

 Life today is far flung into vast entity, be it virtual or physical. Anyone can access any other through various medium be it virtual or physical. So one is constantly exposed to different situations and ideas and thus builds up his or her own personality. The moment strings get attached to a relationship; be it mother-children, siblings, friends, spouse or in any form of relationship, the traces of possessiveness and taking to granted attitude starts to creep into the growing relationships, resulting in conflicts and bitter memories. 

To escape from this tangle the easy way out is detachment, giving space to oneself and to the people we are connected with. To stop expecting and learn begining to accept. To change the person or change yourself accordingly, all to make life more livable and bearable to oneself and to others. 

This seems rather a western concept to be laisser-faire (the economic activities are determined by free enterprise and are not controlled by the State) in our approach to relationships, not to mention the carefree attitude, but instead bind the relationships on mutual trust, humility, respect and let go attitude. Then may be we can see the unwanted social conflicts drop down to minimum.

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