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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Bargain

As age progressed I understood the real meaning of the word ‘BARGAIN’. It is human nature to bargain; whether it is the seller or buyer we all bargain for our own profit. But  sometimes it creeps into real life situations. Bargaining has more connotations: adjustment, compromise, let go, forgive and so on.

Life has taught me more for my age. To take situations as it comes and sometimes as I want. I started pondering the plight of that Archana, when she was shunned by all known relatives on this earth - father, mother, husband, in-laws, friends and so on. The real life situation was worse which was yet to come. . .

My husband was always on a go - as he was working for a bank which never let him stay in a fixed place and kept transferring him. As the age old saying goes.. “Husband’s house is the real house for a married woman”. That saying seemed to have been followed by my relatives and me too. The result was that I was following him like a shadow with my children to wherever his bank transferred him. Only to lose my precious daughter to death due to unsophisticated medical facilities and poor living conditions.

Then I realized the real aim of my life. To lead life ‘independent’. The term independent is rather too vague. It is not the opposite of slavery, but it is more of being independent in one’s thoughts, actions and decision making which determines one’s maturity of mind. Today I am thankful for all my betraying relationships and hard times which has made me stand alone to face this life in any given conditions.  

But there were good and bad times in my kitty of memory. Some days were stormy with troubles and I was sure to compensate with rosy days in form of outing with kids, treating them with delicacies and so on. In the midst of all this my health sometimes gave a skip and I had to undergo treatments to pull back to life. My achievements stood in the form of my children doing well in studies, winning trophies in various competitions, supporting and understanding me and my neighbours, boss, and acquaints patting and acknowledging me on my single achievement. That has made me boost my confidence and encourage me to hit the life with all vigor and vengeance.  

Time is the only master - the maker and taker of life’s bounties. Today I am proud of my situation which has given me a part time job, a small house to live in, some assets to insure me and my children’s secure future and above all the unending support of friends and well wishers which keeps the engine of life still going.

Contributed by Ms. B A Archana


1 comment:

  1. I understand your loss, your pain-
    The fact that despite all the sufferings, you still live life and find joys in little events in life.Your inner strength and courage to carry on with life all alone is admirable. It is the perception of life that makes it what it is. Wishing you a life free from hurts.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences of life with this blog.It can be an eye opener for those who give up on life too soon. Thanks.