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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pillar of family

The story of Teejan Bai tells the story of woman who developed her own micro-enterprise after joining self help group

Name - Teejan Bai
Age - 38 years

Children- One daughter and one son
Block(Distt.)- Indore
Current Loan- Rs 25000/
Business- Grocery store owner, local milk trading

As a child , Teejan Bai was unable to attend school, due to financial burden of school fees. At a very young age she was married to santosh singh and since then she and her husband struggled day and night to earn their livelihood. Teejan Bai stitched clothes and earned Rs 40/ per day on the day that she had customers. Her husband operated an unsuccessful grocery store that provided them with Rs 20/per day.

They always wanted that their children should study but the barely survived, and hence the desire of sending the children to school was only like a dream for the couple. Teejan Bai joined self help group in her village. She did not want her children's life to follow the same path as her life. She invested her first loan Rs 2000/ in purchasing swing machine, after successful loan repayment to NGO APARAJITA MAHILA SAKH SAMITI MYDT, INDORE she took another loan for the family grocery store and purchased new stock of the store, which helped their business . State Bank Of India, MICRO FINANCE BRANCH, BHOPAL sanctioned a loan of Rs 47 lacs to Aparajita Mahila Sakh Samiti Maryadit for on-landing to SHGs . Then Aparajita sanctioned a loan to Teejan Bai for upliftment of her business .with third loan of Rs 15000/ she was able to further diversify their stock and increase their profits.

This increase in profit made possible for them to buy a refrigerator to store soft drink and other cold items. This made their store very popular and now they have one of most successful businesses in that village.She has invested a large portion of their profit in their daughter's education. She is now studying in 9th grade in district school and staying in a hostel. Teejan Bai wanted that she should continue to study and become Doctor, she does not want the financial crisis that prevented her from attending school to stop her daugther from continuing her education. Teejan Bai works hard at making her grocery store a success in order to provide her daughter with the schooling.

Then Teejan Bai took two subsequent loans of Rs 25000/ and Rs 35000/ for purchase of buffaloes, not only she herself is now self-employed but she also provided employment to her husband. Her husband now collects milk from small procedure in the village and sales it in the block headquarters.

Teejan Bai now planning to take another a big loan after completion of current loan for purchase of tent house as their village does not have any tent house for organizing marriages and ceremonies. Teejan Bai is grateful to State Bank of India, MICRO FINANCE BRANCH, BHOPAL for helping her in time of need by lending her collateral free money. She says the support that Micro Finance Branch has provided to her created a better future for her family.


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