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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Every human being is proud when he having success, he forgets every thing around him when the success is with him. But with that he also forget most important thing of life and the world which is explained below with the example –

Few years ago when I was going reading an article published in a news paper I was able to find an interesting article. The article title reads as “ SUCCESS IS THE WAY TO FAILURE ”.
Thinking it is interesting I started reading the Article

“A bank manager in the small city Puerto Rico had two children one of the age eight and other Six years old. The manager was so busy in his work that it was very hard to get time to spend with children, but when ever he gets time he was with his children. One day it so happened the decided to go to a Hotel for Dinner and they found the best Hotel near by where they can get Mexican, Italian and other food. Then the Manager with his children went to the hotel. When they were having dinner the child asked the father to have the snap of them. And the Father asked a supplier at the hotel to take snap of the family the answer which he got from the supplier was we are very busy. And some how with the help of others they were able to take snap and they went back to the house.

After 6 months he again returned to the Hotel with the children and got amazed by the view he saw, the hotel was empty. He then thought that the Success which they had made them to fall down because the forgot the most important thing of life HUMANITY. The boy just asked to take snap but they said they are busy; no person is so busy in this world that he can’t help the other.

Moral of the story –

Don’t ever say no if some one is in real need of you at any stage because no one knows what time has in it book for each person. When ever you get the chance to help the person help and show the HUMANITY towards the other.

If you follow the story you will never fail after success.


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