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Friday, August 13, 2010

Boredom on Day 3 and 4

Dear Citizen Facilitators,

It has been a general complaint that boredom creeps in on day 3 and 4 as the participants feel that the process is becoming repetitive.

To avoid facing the same 'raaga' in the evening, we started the 3rd day of contribution lab at our sblc this morning somewhat like this:

Suppose you go for a visit to Kashmir.. and you plan to visit to Srinagar, Pahalgam, Sonemarg, Yushmarg, Gulmarg, Dachigam etc... you have the same taxi, same camera, same haldiram, same guide, same wife and same children everyday.. do you get bored when you go from one place to another because certain things seem to be familiar.. or do you find each place different and enjoy the beauty...

Here, a part of the process may seem familiar but you have a new CEC, come with new ideas, be creative, leave your conditioning behind, think from the customer perspective, try new thinking, blend your experience with new solutions.. and you will enjoy this day of new learning, new ideas and new dawn...

Hopefully, the day will go well.. Smile


C o o l B i s h t
(Live from SBLC, Indore)

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