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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Worst Ever Calamity In Leh

flash flood in leh.. devastation..
worst ever calamity.. so unfortunate.. 


can we contribute for the victims in some way..
how do we go about it..

CoolBisht / Indore


  1. May be we have to pool money or clothes etc and send it to them. All and above let us pray to God that such miseries do not occur in future.
    Also let us pray to GOD that sufficient courage should be showered on those suffering to come out the suffering.

    Balachandra Bhat P, Chennai

  2. I take this opportunity to make an earnest request all Citizens SBI to contribute generously through some means or other. Else, you can also take help of another post in the blog which has a link to save the children India movement working in Leh region spearheading the relief operations!!!!!