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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A story of collective fulfillment from Seondha

An experience of Collective Fulfillment shared by Shri Ashok K. Sharma,  the then  Branch Manager of Seondha  branch 

When I took charges of the Seondha branch I got a shock.  The surrounding area had not seen rain for the last 3 years.  The branch was having NPA level of 24% because of drought situation.

There were 4 officers and equal number of award staff members.  We sat in an internal meeting and gradually the following idea, strategy began to emerge :
1.  As there is considerable scope we should increase our ‘P’ segment  business,
2.  Attract new salary accounts,
3.  Encourage people to change cropping pattern, and,
4.  Effort of NPA reduction to be enhanced

We distributed the work among ourselves and began in right earnest.  ‘P’ segment work was entrusted to Accountant & 1 clerk, one small team was made including FO and 1 clerk.  Cash Officer and one clerk took the responsibility of smooth running of the branch.  Customer meets were organized & NPA reduction camp was organized.

The branch achieved its budgeted goals, NPA percentage was reduced drastically and the branch achieved a rating of A+.  Our branch was the only branch in Gwalior Module to have this rating.  Two clerks were promoted as TO and I was chosen for Green Channel.  The incumbency of the branch increased from MM-II to MM-III.

The team achieved its goals and this gave us a great deal of satisfaction and inner fulfillment.

Contributed by Team SBLC Jabalpur

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