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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A story of collective fulfillment from Satna

An experience of Collective Fulfillment shared by Shri P.N. MISHRA,  the then  Manager PBD of Satna  branch 

This incident relates to the year 2005-2006.  The branch was having an advances portfolio of Rs. 11.0 Crores and that year it was allotted growth target of Rs. 4.0 Crores.

I discussed the matter with the Branch Manager and formed a team of 4 persons i.e. Myself (Mgr. PBD), RM(PB), CIF and a clerk.  We worked out a strategy and began to implement it.  We requested for appointment and the whole team visited almost all Govt. Department at Satna, where we made presentations and distributed pamplets  about our products.  Contact numbers of all prospective customers were noted in a register.  We began to complete maximum formalities at their workplace itself.  First day we got 10 proposals and the next day we got 17 proposals and the journey continued.

In one month we registered growth of Rs. 1.10 crores and was able to sell 35 policies.  There was tremendous growth in confidence and we achieved the target well within time.  We made a point that X-press credit & Car Loan proposals will be sanctioned and disbursed within 24 hours and 48 hours respectively.  The branch got trophy for Budget achievement and many new salary account were opened.

The success gained by the team made us confident that we can achieve any targets.  Since the effort was largely self-motivated we all experienced collective fulfillment and great joy.

Contributed By Team SBLC Jabalpur

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