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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CGM's Message

Mr M Bhagavantha Rao 
Chief General Manager
Bhopal Circle

 Dear Colleagues,


I welcome you all to Citizen SBI Intervention-2. I am sure that you enjoyed being a part of Intervention-1 and that you are eagerly looking forward to Intervention-2.

2.         The Collective Fulfillment Programme (CFP) will be done through workshops in each unit. The workshops will be by way of:

(a)   Contribution Handshakes Workshop;
(b)   Unit Collective Fulfillment Team Core (UCFT Core); and
(c)   Contribution Lab.

3.         In the ultimate stage, there will be a mechanism called Regional Collective Fulfillment Team (RCFT). The RCFT is expected to meet on an on-going basis to learn from one another, to replicate successes, to solving challenges at the Regional level and to improve coordination among units.

4.         I am sure that this new experience will enable you to meet the expectations of being a true citizen.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely

Chief General Manager
Bhopal Circle


  1. thanks for bringing this message to Citizen SBI Blog!!!

  2. "Citizen SBI will change the social dynamics of India" I really agree with these lines and from this blog I would like to present my "WHOM I AM MAKES A DIFFERENCE" ribbon with a lots of thanks and honor to our great CHAIRMAN Sh. O.P. Bhatt. I am really very happy to be a part of this institution and being the part of CITIZEN YOTH FOR INDIA Project of the bank. Thanks a lot, hope I will also do my bit for my Institution and Country