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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moments of Collective Fulfillment from a newly opened branch in Bhubaneswar Circle

By Sri SP Patnaik, BM, CHHAITANA

This branch was opened on 28/05/2008 with just the Branch Manager supported by a Special Assistant from the nearby branch. New CRA reported on Sep 2008 and the Asst. Manager (Accounts) on Dec2008. The branch was making profit of Rs 1.00 lac upto Feb 2009.Depreciation entry of Rs2.80 lacs was to be passed by March 2009 along with salary of March 2009. Hence the branch would be incurring loss as on 31/03/2009. There was pressure from the controller to make it as profit making one as at the year end i.e. March 2009.

Strategy for making profit:
To make the branch profit making as at the year end, a staff meeting was called, all avenues analysed and a target to achieve income of Rs2.8 lacs with in a month was placed before all staff members.
It was not possible to book good high value proposals with in this short period as it is a rural branch
Finally it was decided to open 500 SB accounts and SHG finance which was the only ray of hope to achieve with in a month.
Meetings were conducted in the nearby villages and account opening forms were distributed to them clarifying documents required for the purposes.
The CRA and AM(Accts) were entrusted with the job of opening accounts and OMR was for SHG finance.
With in a month 500 SB, 100 RD and 30 SHG loan accounts were opened.
Because of concerted effort, proper planning, working together as a team and of course from Central office interest @Rs500/- per SB a/c,Rs300/- per RD a/c, Rs1000/- per SHG loan a/c, branch could make a profit of Rs37000/-(Rupees thirty seven thousand only) as on 31/03/2009.

Controller was satisfied as it was out of loss.
All the staff members got appreciation by the Controller.
Confidence of all the entire got enhanced.
Team spirit and cohesiveness got further multiplied.
Provided banking facility to the nearby villagers which they were deprived of or they needed to run a long distance to get the facility.
Goodwill of the Bank spread in the locality in spite of severe competition from the private players.
Hence unleashed collective fulfillment.

Compiled by:
Sri Niranjan Swain
Project Citizen SBI
Bhubaneswar Circle

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