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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moments of Collective Fulfillment from Bhopal Circle


In the year 1995, when I  reported at the Agriculture Banking Division of Khurai branch as support to Manager ABD, the Division was totally in a  mess.  The following irregularities were prevailing:

1. Number of Time Barred documents was 700 to 750.

        2. Huge amount of NPA was lying in live ledgers.

3. Interest was not applied in ATL and ATC accounts for last two years.

4. New financing was almost stopped.

Our Manager of Division had also taken over  charge of the division at the same time.

To rectify the above irregularities, a meeting of the staff of the division was called and we had taken it as a project and started working on it.  Apart from manager and myself, one Field Officer and one agriculture assistant was also posted in the division, who were the member of the team.  For the revival of time bound document Form AB-4 and AB-5 were prepared accountwise, fourteen ledgers for Protested Bills Account were printed locally.  Pending interest was applied in all the eligible accounts and updated, inspection charges were recovered, an amount of about Rs.1.5 crore was transferred to Protested Bills Account and accounts were opened in 14 ledgers.  For obtaining revivals and for recovery following strategies were applied:-

1. Govt. authorities particularly SDM & Tehsildar were contacted and recovery camps were organised.

2. Branches of "Chalit Nagayalan, Bank Baseeli" were kept on our bank jeep.

3. Tractors were seized with the help of Tehsildar Shri Mahendra Singh who received intensive of Rs.80,000/- from BRISC account.

4. Frequent visits were paid to the Galla Mandi to contact the farmers and revivals & recovery was obtained.

5. As the farmers of nearby villages use to come to petrol pump to purchase diesel, regular visits were also paid to the petrol pumps.

6. All respective villages were visited for personal contact, contact through Sarpanch and through other influencial persons of the village.

7. Claims were lodged with DICGC.

8. Letters in local language were also send.

9. Visits of Chief Manager were arranged in chronic cases.

10. Farmers were also emotionally motivated by playing songs in vernacular language and recovery was made.

Due to team work we could:

1. Bring down the time barred documents to zero.

2. NPA was reduced.

3. Recovery was made in chronic NPA accounts.

4. Budget of Agri. Advances was surpassed by Rs.60.00 lacs.

5. Income and profitability of the branch increased.

The same team had also worked in the form of a quality circle.  Our quality circle got an opportunity to represent Bhopal Circle in national convention of quality circles at Poona.

Contributed by PADMESH KUMAR NAMDEO, Chief Manaager(Admin), RBO, Khandwa and shared in the Contribution Lab at SBLC, Indore on 07/07/2010

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