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Friday, July 9, 2010

Moments of Collective Fulfillment from Bhubaneswar Circle

A story on collective fulfillment narrated by  Mr S.K.Pattnaik, Chief Manager, OUAT Campus, Bhubaneswar on the 1st day  of I-2 at Bhubaneswar on the 6th July, 2010

Name of the branch: 
OUAT Campus branch, Bhubaneswar

Brief description of the project: 
Renovation of OUAT Campus branch

Why the need for the project arose? 
Below par ambience, Demotivated staff strength,  Inadequate customer convenience.

How it was implemented? 
Extensive renovation of the branch without disturbing the core infrastructure -   Centralised AC hall for customers, More space for customers, Focus on energizing staff: ‘Best employee for the month’ introduced, Study group for promotion tests formed to study beyond banking hours, ‘Best managed desk’ award introduced.

Did it involve many people from the unit? What kind of teaming / team efforts took place? 
It involved many people from the unit. In fact, small groups were formed under the leadership and guidance of the Branch head to look into various areas of concern and their improvement.

How did it energize the people in the unit? 
Highly enthused staff, Inspection rating increased from 713 to 837, Minimal outstaning in System Suspense accounts, Improved dealing with customers, Taking responsibility, Non-pending of complaints.

What kind of fulfillment did it result in for the collective involved (team members and customers)
Visible customer satisfaction and joy amongst staff. 7 staff got promotion to officer cadre.

How did it enhance the interaction with the customers? 
Customers felt being welcomed to the branch. Care for customers visible in infrastructure and interaction by staff.

What were the sustainable results of this contribution project in the unit?
Overall productivity has increased as the branch is sustaining its tempo of activities irrespective of the fact that they are having shortage of 7 staff, as the promoted staff were relieved without replacement. There is a sense of commitment and urgency amongst the staff. They look forward to coming to their work place everyday.

Contributed by Mr  B.K.Dash, Intervention Leader - 1 and Nodal Officer, Bhubaneswar Circle

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