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Monday, July 26, 2010

Whip up a tornado!

One energised person can change the vibes of an entire room. We all run away from enervators, preferring the breath of life an energiser can infuse in the world around!

Vinita Dawra Nangia 

    AMONGST all around, you will notice two kinds of people, the energisers and the enervators. You feel automatically drawn towards the former, while even the thought of the latter tires you! All of us like to avoid those who are a drain on our energy. Listless people with melancholic thoughts, singularly lacking in energy or life force. These are the names you avoid on your cellphone and in your social 
engagements diary. They are a drain on your resources and after having met them, you feel you have lost, rather than gained anything. 
    On the other hand, have you noticed how one person bounding with energy can change the vibes of an entire room? All eyes are drawn towards someone who is full of dynamic ideas and a spirit that strives to do newer things, achieve greater heights. There is no time for depression here because all thoughts are taken up with present action and the thought of further action. You feel energised just meeting such a person and get carried away on a wave of goodwill and the fervour to do something. These are the people who seem to carry the world forward and most of the time you will find those at the top in all fields are the ones blessed with loads of energy. Remember the way Indira Gandhi walked, with a spring in her step? Sonia Gandhi walks with the same spring, as does Rahul Gandhi and most of the world leaders. 
    There’s a buzz around such people, their 
minds are whirring with ideas that spill over and inspire others. The secret to movement is creating energy. Any vehicle, before it moves, floats or flies, has to necessarily create a spurt of energy that propels it forth. In order to fly, a bird creates energy by flapping its wings and taking a shot leap; to pounce on its prey, even a lion needs to regroup its energies and focus them on that one deadly leap. So why then should it be any different for us? Those of us whose minds buzz and whirr with ideas are bound to take flight sooner than those who lack the requisite buzz. It is important to create an energy field around anything we do, a vital Life Force — be it prayer, work, charity, or even just plain good old fun. The only time to relax, go quiet and meditate is when you need to recoup your energy sources, think through and give them the right direction. 
    When given a project at work, for the required period of time, make it your main focus, work up a lot of energy and enthusiasm around it, whip 
your co-workers into a frenzy of creative energy and action. Involve everybody in the creative force, explore a few extra ideas, consult more people than you need to, listen a bit more carefully, discuss a little more intensely. Become attuned to all the energy that starts building around the project, become one with it and go with the flow. Not only does your work become more pleasurable but it gives you back the energy you gave it, manifold! 
    What is the idea of doing a project as well 
as the next person does it? You should not rest easy till you have energised every last atom in your body and let your creative juices flow to ensure that what you added to the work is something nobody else could have given it. A simple task like cooking may bore you; how about bringing a new energy to it by looking up a few extra recipes, bringing in new elements, mixing ingredients, experimenting? The new energy you bring to the task not just makes it interesting for you but also leads to a newer, more exciting dish for your table. 
Spur yourself on by throwing self-challenges. Gardening? Why just limit yourself to watering plants and weeding out overgrowth? Up the antenna and challenge your 
creativity to create a special corner in your garden. Landscape it, dedicate an area to a special kind of a plant you like, coax the plants to grow the way you want them to. Become one with the creative energy of nature and see where the flow takes you. 
Feng shui rides on the principle that everything around us is energy and there is a constant flow and exchange of energy between us and all around. So Feng Shui teaches us ways of creating happy energy in all things around us, so that we gain from that energy flow or qi. The Greek technical term for qi, coined by Aristotle, is energeia, loosely translated as something “being at work”. French philosopher Henri Bergsen’s term for the “vital impetus” was Elan vital. In Vedantic philosophy, the Sanskrit term for Prana as the vital, lifesustaining force of living beings, is comparable to the Chinese Qi. 
In literature, Romantic poets have yearned to be a part of the process of Nature, looking upon the creative life process as something apart from them. George Bernard Shaw too spoke of a “Life Force” that directs evolution toward ultimate perfection by trial and error. As you give free rein to your energy and whip up the force of a tornado or the deadly focus of a whirlpool, no matter how small you consider a task, you will witness the chaos that precedes creation, the driving force of progress, of life, of development — the only way to move ahead and avoid stagnation. And you would have internalised it. And become an energiser!

Courtesy: TimesLife

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