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Thursday, July 15, 2010


PROG. AT SBLC, JABALPUR : 12-07-2010 TO 17-07-2010 :

(1)     An experience on collective fulfillment shared by SHRI ADARSH SAMAIYA, Manager, when he was posted as Branch Manager, Jabera Branch on the 1st day of I-2 at SBLC Jabalpur

When Shri Samaiya joined Jabera branch as a Branch Manager he found that upkeep of the premises and cleanliness was not upto the desired level.  Dusting and cleaning was done in a very routine manner.    

Shri Samaiya realized that this situation cannot be allowed to persist and a change was necessary.  He talked about it to the staff members  and gradually involved all the people in the branch.  Under his leadership new ideas were generated and implemented about upkeep and cleanliness of the premises and gradually this became a passion and habit for all the members of the team.

Customer felt the positive change and appreciated the feeling of being welcome to the branch.  Care for the customer was visible in the care of the premises and infrastructure of the branch.

Overall productivity also increased as staff member began to enjoy the change in the atmosphere.  In the next Inspection the branch got an A+ rating and the Inspecting Official very much appreciated the neat and clean appearance of the branch.  He declared that he was most impressed by the attitude of all the staff members.

Since the effort was largely self-motivated, the staff members experienced collective fulfillment and great joy.


Shri Sharma has recently joined Mandla branch and saw strange (or not so strange) sights at the branch every day :

1.       70 - 75 year old men running in the morning from the grill gate of the branch to the Cash counter to get quick payment.
2.       People standing in cash payment line for hours, but not using ATM facility.
3.       Physically challenged pensions dragging themselves to the counters.

On analysis he realized that this was because of the huge crowd at the cash counters, large number of pensioners and very low use of the alternative channels.

He began to involve all the staff members and sought their idea about how to improve the situation at the branch.  The matter was also discussed at a special staff meeting and the following action points were discussed and implemented.  Small groups were formed under the leadership and guidance of Unit Leader to look into various areas of concern.

1.       Queue management system was introduced and token number was displayed.
2.       Pensions were motivated to have joint account with their spouse
3.       Arrangement was made to make the payment to handicapped persons outside the branch.
4.       ATM card was issued and usage explained to them.

These steps not only benefited the pensioners but the benefit was also availed by other customers.  On the success of the project the staff was highly enthused and energized.  There was tremendous improved in their dealing with customers and taking responsibility.  Customer satisfaction was visible and tangible and this brought a renewed sense of commitment and urgency amongst the staff.

Implementation of the above steps also knit the branch team together and gave more joy and positive energy.

A contribution by TEAM S.B.L.C., JABALPUR.

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