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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Banker In Need ...

Citizen Moments: Lucknow Circle

I was posted at Siddharthnagar during 2001-2004. 

One day in the evening when almost all the customers had left I saw one person wiping his tears. He was very
upset. I asked him as to what the matter was and why was he crying? He kept on crying, after sometime he said that he had withdrawn money from PF and sent it through SC for collection and was worriedbecause the payment has not yet come. His daughter got married and the Bidai ceremony was on that day for which he
requires the amount. 

Seeing his problem, I took him to a nearby petrol pump and narrated the situation to the owner of the petrol pump and arranged the amount on loan from the petrol pump. I dropped him to his house. When villagers got to know about it, they were full of gratitude. They realized that State Bank is for them and many of the villagers got their accounts opened.

Naresh Kumar Rastogi

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  1. यह आपने मानवता का परिचय दिया, आपको बहुत बहुत साधुवाद