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Monday, May 31, 2010

I decided to make positive contribution

I am presently working as special Assistant at RACPC, Hyderabad. I am attending to PDCs. 

I was fortunate enough to go through this programme twice - once in the pilot at Hotel Taj Banjara and once again at SBLC Vizianagram .

Even as I attended the pilot on day 2, I had started feeling the impact of the programme. I was a short tempered person and I was constantly getting into tiffs with others around me. The programme made me realize how lucky I was to be working with a bank like State Bank Of India, which was  so concerned about not only the physical but also spiritual welfare of its employees that they came up with a programme of this caliber. I decided to make a positive contribution to my organization and my family by managing my anger and having cordial inter personal relationship with all around me. To day my family is happy because I am more accessible and affable with them. By learning how to remain cool and calm I am sure I have increased my life span, too.

Contributed by Rammohan, Special Assistant, RACPC, Hyderabad

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