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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Thought . . . and A Story

By M Bhagavantha Rao, CGM, Bhopal Circle

A Thought:

When an egg is broken from outside, a life ends but when it breaks from within, a new life begins.

A Story:

A man went to a saint and said, "I want peace".
The saint asked him to repeat what he had said.
He said again, "I want peace."
The saint asked him to repeat a few more times.

Then , the saint asked him to remove the "I" and repeat the sentence.
He said, "Want peace".
The saint asked him to say that again a number of times.

After that, the saint said, "Now, you remove the 'Want' also."
The man said, " Peace".
He asked him to repeat.
The man repeated, "Peace."

The man kept on enchanting, "Peace, peace, peace..."

Narrated by Shri M Bhagavantha Rao, Chief General Manager, Bhopal Circle while addressing participants during Citizen SBI Workshop at SBLC, Indore on 24-25 May 2010

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