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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"I can make a difference to at least one person in this world each day"

On a visit to one of the branches in Mumbai Circle , I came across this interesting gentleman who narrated his story as under:-

Story related by Mr. Venkat Krishnan, Cash Officer (MIDC Branch), Cell No. 9869302434

The impact of the Citizenship Orientation Programme has been so profound!

Mr. Venkat Krishnan, while travelling one day in a bus witnessed a quarrel between the conductor and a passenger over change, of a 100/- Rupee note that was tendered by the passenger. Immediately, Mr. Venkat Krishnan resolved the same by offering the change from his pocket. Both were happy. Mr. Venkat Krishnan from then on, resolved to carry one packet each of 10 Rupee notes and 5 Rupee notes always in his bag, so that he could help hapless passengers.

A few days later, he observed another heated argument in the bus when a lady passenger tendered a soiled 50/- rupee note and the conductor refused to take it. Here again Mr. Venkat Krishnan came to the lady's rescue by taking the soiled note from her and giving her fresh 10/- rupee notes in return. He could see the look of happiness on the face of that lady and this gave him immense joy.

And so like the Good Samaritan, Mr. Venkat Krishnan continues to replenish and carry the notes in his bag each day.

A brief interaction with Mr. Venkat Krishnan, revealed that the ‘Parivartan’ porgamme had actually ignited the spark of citizenship in him. The 'Power of One' had a deep impact on him but he had never really ventured to do anything like this until his attendance of the Citizenship Orientation Programme. The Citizenship Orientation Programme further fanned this small spark into a big flame. He today feels "I can make a difference to at least one person in this world each day". He is so cheerful and happy throughout the day and he also says that his children have been greatly impressed and have been mysteriously pondering over their father's recent transformation! He hopes his children will follow in his footsteps!

Jeanne Pereira
SBLC, Bandra

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