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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Citizen SBI? ... Me Too!

I stopped at the ATM located near the petrol pump in Vijay Nagar, Indore to withdraw cash a few days ago.

There were three persons in the queue and I joined as the fourth one.

When the lady inside, came out after her transaction, the person ahead in the queue, turned towards the second one, and politely offered him to go in and use the ATM.

After, he went in and came out, the first person again turned back and asked the next person in queue to go in.

Somewhat puzzled at his behaviour, I waited for my turn.

When the person came out, this good samaritan smiled at me and requested me to go in.

I said, "No - no, you have been waiting for long. Please go in."

When he still insisted on "pahle aap", I asked him, " Are you Citizen SBI?"

He smiled and nodded.

I said, " Me too!''

Narrated by Shri Ajay Puranik, AGM, State Bank of Indore, P Y Road (Indore) Branch during Citizen SBI Workshop at SBLC, Indore on 24-25 May 2010

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