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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Serving my country in a different way

I am an armed Guard in our Athimaneripet branch. I love my work and involve myself in the various activities of the branch as most of the time I am near the entrance of the branch and the customers enquire from me about latest deposit rates and about the loans they can avail form our bank to tide over their requirements / difficulties.

Initially I was referring them all to the concerned counter or to the officers in the branch. After attending Citizen SBI programme, I felt that I could also contribute as much as I could and help the customers. So I made a record of keeping all the interest rates for deposits and the newly introduced schemes like 1000 days deposit etc. in a note book . Whenever any prospective depositor approached me and enquired about our fixed deposits I would brief them about the products that we offer depending upon their requirements. I was able to canvass a good amount of deposits as my fluency lf local language was very good.After this I would direct them to the Branch Manager or other colleagues for immediate completion of their work.

In this was I way able to convert may a prospective customers into actual customers of our bank and whenever they visit the branch they greet me and have a word or two with me and this gives me immense satisfaction and happiness that I am able to serve the society and my bank.

Our branch is located in the border with Andhra Pradesh. As a result majority of the customers speak Telegu. As I know Telegu I could easily communicate with them and assist them in completing their task.

After my general shift i.e. office hours I would accompany the field officer in my branch or the branch manager of the branch in their village inspection. I would assist them in NPA Recovery, Pre- Sanction Inspection for new loans etc. We would go to the vaillages on a two wheeler and as I am working in the branch for more than 6 years , I am familiar with the topography and the different type of customers of the branch. Also this helped me and the branch in loan recovery.

I would also tell the officials in the branch regarding the cultivation of crops at the cultivation time and would also voluntarily go and ask the farmers who had sold their produce to deposit the money in the loan accounts of theirs or to deposit the money on our branch.

All the controllers and Branch officials recognize my work and appreciate me for the good work I do.

For me this is service to my society. As an Ex-servcieman I was proud that I worked for my country. Now I am more proud that I am still serving my country in a different way that gives me more “ Energy , joy and fulfillment”

The sincere blessings of our customers and my own colleagues have provided me with a lot of positive energy which I transfer to my family also. My son is doing his final year B E Printing Technology in Anna University , a prestigious university and got his placement in the campus recruitment.

I love my Job and my Bank as it gives me whatever I need in life.

All the above gives me immense satisfaction and immense happiness and a sense of belonging to the Organisation apart from giving me pleasure and peace in serving the society at large and bank in particlular.

Sri S Rajendran
Athimanjeripet Branch

Courtesy: Sri P Balachandra Bhat, IL-1, Chennai

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  1. thank you bhat for the contribution. keep contributing......