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Thursday, May 20, 2010


By nature, I am humane in my approach to customers, colleagues and all the persons I deal with. So when I attended the Citizen SBI Programme,it has appealed me very much. The concept of Being and Function level was very appropriate and befitting for the persons in service sector. Hence the programme has reinforced the service attitude within me and through this I am deriving happiness unlimited.

Recently, in the month of March, 2010, one incident happened. Our branch being a big branch with huge work load, we used to stay late to finish the day’s work. One day a tourist couple from Delhi came to our branch at 7.15pm and they were seemed to be worried and desperate. Interacting with them, I came to know that they belong to Delhi & are our Bank’s customer. In transit they lost their money, ATM Card, Credit Card and other documents. They could only remember their account number but were urgently in need of money and solicited our help. Since our branch was closed by that time, I have personally taken them to Malgodown Evening branch and arranged for their payment. Again they came back to our branch only to express their gratitude and thanks to our chief manager and me for allowing them to come inside the branch after office hours, listening their problem patiently and helping them in need. It was quite fulfilling to see the smiles on their gloomy face.”Doosroon kon khusi deke jo Anand Milta hai isski Maza Alag hai.”

In another incident 2 to 3 months back, Smt.Basanta Sahoo, a nurse approached me for a Student loan for his son’s MBA education who was also a brilliant student. Since Smt Sahoo was suffering from a rare disease, she also requested me to help them beginning from filling up application to obtaining documents etc treating him like my son. I thought for a moment, I had seen her serving innumerable suffering persons in the medical college hospital selflessly. Now it is my turn to serve her. After sanction of the loan she thanked me with a frail smile and touching words of gratitude that “Only for your help my son could pursue his MBA education.”Realy, this was more satisfying than any material gain.

I can say the credit goes to Citizen SBI Programme for such slow but positive changes in me, my colleagues and in our Bank.


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