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Thursday, June 24, 2010


The two-day citizenship programme held at Keonjhar centre was attended by all staff members on a rotation basis. It was indeed a pleasantly profound experience for all staff. Barbil is a medium sized branch and located in the heart of the mining belt of Orissa. With a number of reputed Private Mining Companies like Rungtas, Jindals, Sesa Goa, OMDC, MMTC, the branch has more than 18,000 SB accounts including salary accounts of the employees of these Corporates. Our Gold Card Holders increased to more than 2100 within a short span of 3 months.  

It was a classic branch with a handful of committed staff members contributing to the Branch developmental goals. However the citizen SBI programme changed all that. The unique experience sharing at the two-day programme energized the staff to contribute more. Their definition of routine duty was redefined. The film Duty versus Positive Contribution awakened all of us. We realised that there is something more we can do besides duty. This something more addressed the people we serve as real genuine human beings with caring hearts and capable of reciprocating our efforts to satisfy them. Each of our staff had a look. It was not a fa├žade. It was a look conveying genuine concern and respect for the other person. May be it was the contribution commitment each of us made towards the end of the second day before leaving the venue. Something which many of us did not fee bold enough to share in public, but tacitly resolved to put it into practice as much as possible.  

The five of us, Ajit, Alok, Amar, Anil and yours truly, decided on stepping up our efforts towards marketing. We started to address the salaried group of the private sector companies.  We started out by distributing leaflets and explaining the features of our Technology products. We were able to convert leads into business convincingly. Our efforts resulted in the addition of nearly 75 Systematic Investment Plans for Mutual Funds, delivery of more than 250 Internet Banking Kits to customers and provision of Mobile Banking facility to more than 50 customers. People of these companies having come from far off places were surprised to note that all these tech products were also available in a remote place like Barbil.

The other staff members were not to be left behind. They too contributed by addressing customers needs and taking care to satisfy them to the best extent possible. They started to bring all their known customers for these products. As a result the entire atmosphere of our branch changed for the better. All of us are now enjoying our work more. Thanks and Kudos to Citizen SBI. A unique initiative of our Bank.

To name a few Customers who felt the differences: Mr. Bidyadhar Palei, MD, Sushanta Minerals P Ltd. (SB Plus); Mr. Pradyumna Ku. Hota ,Internet Banking, Mr. Dabara Munda, SBI LIFE. 


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