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Monday, June 14, 2010

Live and let live

Feedback from Shri Gauri Prasad Das, Asst.Manager, SBI, Bolangir
Mobile No.9238300223

Shri Das joined the bank in 1984 in clerical cadre. In the year 2009, he was promoted to Junior Management Grade Officer.
Shri Das has passed through very hard days. Financial hardship and hunger for earning more money had taken away peace of his mind. He was feeling completely withdrawn.
After undergoing this programme he has been immensely benefited. He has gained confidence and overcome frustration. He has become extremely sociable and joined philanthropic organizations to help the poor and downtrodden.
Just one month back, on his way back to home he found a small boy weeping helplessly and running on the street. He caught hold him and asked about his parents’ whereabouts. Immediately, he came to know that boy was an orphan. Shri Das took him to his house and advised his wife to take care of the boy like their own son. Now, he has admitted the boy into a vernacular school. The boy who was feeling no one in the society has dreamt of his own identity. He is also reading well and also very compatible with Mr.Das and his family members. Shri Das has determined to help the boy completing his higher study and stand on his own. This has given tremendous amount of contentment to Mr. Das and his wife. Mr. Dash has honestly admitted that this sort of attitude to live and let live is, no doubt, the impact of the Citizen SBI Programme.

Contributed by Sri G B Swain, SBLC, Rourkela

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