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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Mr. Sachin Jain, posted at our Jakhan Branch, Dehradun (Mobile no. 9927854111) attended the ‘Citizen SBI Intervention-I programme in November 2009.

While sharing citizenship moments he told that he was a person with helping attitude towards others. He shared that once he helped his household maid by giving her Rs.10000 to repay a loan borrowed by her from some other person on interest.

Mr. Jain rang me a few days back and told that now he has started understanding the life in a better manner after undergoing the Citizenship Programme. His vision has become broader and deeper also. Now, the Citizenship Programme has enabled him to understand his own attitude. If he extends helping hand to someone, what promotes him to do so from within.

At the time when Mr. Jain was calling me, he was at Jolly Grant Hospital, Dehradun accompanying his father who is suffering from cancer. He had been very much worried about his father’s health only tiill then but after attending the programme, he has started caring for other patients in that hospital also. He says that he imagines his father in every old patient there and feels a sense of responsibility developing within him. According to him the programme has given him an understanding what he would be getting by helping others. Previously he was of the view that he gets satisfaction out of his acts. But now he says that he draws contribution compensation when he is appreciated by the patients. And then he extends himself fulfillment compensation out of his acts.

Now, Mr. Jain says that a continuous flow of good ideas goes on into his mind after this programme. He also finds himself more strong and firm.

Contributed by A K Kulshrestha, CM (Training), SBLC, Dehradun

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