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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inner Fruits via Creativity


The programme Citizen SBI has influenced me a lot in becoming effective both inside and out. I am barely one year old in this organization. But I am committed to my duty and responsibility towards my customers.

One day, Branch system was down due to VIRUS in the system. Since it was a remote rural Branch, any immediate support from the vendor / resource person was not possible. I was also not acquainted with bank’s system, being new to the organization. But to help the waiting customers, I tried to apply my knowledge of computer with much hesitation and fear. I have downloaded the anti VIRUS software and loaded it in Branch’s system one by one successfully and able to restore the the system. The branch could run smoothly and customers were served satisfactorily .Due to such creative solution, I got a lot of satisfaction and inner strength and increased self confidence.

Contributed by Sri P C Nayak, Bhubaneswar

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