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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today I am more relaxed and happy

 I am presently working in Forex desk. I have worked as desk Officer  TDR .

Though I am Citizen like in my behavior and dealings with the Customers and Colleagues, I always had a strange resentment towards people who were not sincere in their work but still managed to get appreciation and recognition. This naturally caused a lot of heart burn for me. 

After going through the Citizen SBI  programme, I find that I have slowly started accepting the fact that there will be such people around me, I have no business torturing myself for their behavior or the so called success they receive. I have realized that my conscience does not permit me not to be Citizenlike- so let me be happy the way I am without displaying any resentment and rancor towards others. 

Today I am more relaxed and happy.

Contributed by Mrs Abha Garg, Desk Officer-FOREX, Hyderabad Main Branch

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