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Saturday, June 5, 2010

CitizenSBI programme helped me connect with my inner self once more

I am working as CRE-PB in SIB, Saifabad.

The year 2009 was very trying for me in all aspects. My father suffered a massive heart attack, my mother went into depression and my performance as a CRE-PB was suffering - to top it all, I was involved in a messy divorce . I come from a joint family, and my extended family was vehemently against the divorce, although I was suffering from a lot of physical and  psychological trauma. My invalid father however stood rock solid behind me during these days. This too created a lot of stress for me. I started questioning my feelings and spent nights contemplating the mess my life had become. 

Then I had the good fortune of attending the Citizen SBI programme. It was a God sent opportunity. The programme recharged me completely. I felt all the teachings, and values inculcated in me by my parents were flashing in front of me one by one. I scolded myself for having lost touch with my inner self. The programme helped me connect with my inner self once more . Slowly I started putting my life together. Even though I am still ostracized by my extended family, today I feel more confident and calm. I have also been able to do very well in my business parameters. My achieving the MDRT target in SBI LIFE was a baby step in this direction.  

Contributed by Rupali Pandit, CRE-PB, SIB Saifabad

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