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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have started experiencing joy

I am very much convinced and benefitted from Citizen SBI programme.  As a faculty, I have undergone Faculty Development Programmes and Behavourial Science programmes of the Bank.  I learnt so many concepts from these programmes with regard to self awareness and lot of change was visible in me.  Immediately I got an opportunity to work as facilitator in Citizen SBI programme.  While facilitating these programmes I was internalizing so many concepts of Citizen SBI and shared the same with my  participants in these programmes.  The Citizen SBI programme has given me the opportunity to practice these ideals in my life. 

The concept of compensation has been a big eye opener for me.  After knowing the different types of compensations, I got immense pleasure and enormous joy in my personal life.  So far, I was very much dissatisfied with my job, salary and perks; some times I felt that I would like to switch over to any other organization which gives high salary.  After getting this awareness of compensations I am wholeheartedly satisfied with my job and enjoying my job.

On the domestic front, i.e. in my personal life, my wife and children are happy with this programme.  because, they noticed a lot of change in me.  Earlier I did not give much emotional support to them.  I did not respect my wife’s feelings and children’s feelings and was very insensitive to them.  After this programme, my family bonding  has been strengthened  and my wife and children are expressing their feelings with me, my inclusiveness towards them improved.  Everyday, they are waiting for my arrival. 

Of course, still I am doing some mistakes, but I am cautiously observing my self.  My listening abilities are improved.  My ambition is that the family bonding should continue and not become a mere ritual.  Sometimes, I am really wondering about the power of humanness.  If I see any such incidence I am really enjoying my self.

Contributed by Vadapalli Krishna MohanManager (Training), SBLC, Viziangaram and Facilitator, Citizen SBI.

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