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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The joy of helping others

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The programme Citizen SBI left a deep imprint in my life. Since then, I am not leaving any opportunity to contribute positively and derive lasting joy.

Recently one incident occurred which is meaningful to mention.Towards the fag end of March, 2010, one person named Sri Vinod Kumar Samal, who happens to be a local transport operator, approached me desperately for an education loan of Rs 10.00 lacs for his son Praveen, who wants to pursue his Marine Engineering course and the last date was a few days away. His proposal was not considered for sanction by his own banker along with a couple of banks in the town with a plea of year ending work load and ensuing statutory audit.Seing the desperate face of father and son, I was moved. After perusal of the I found the proposal in order and processed it. The loan was sanctioned within 2 days.

Mr. Samal was so overwhelmed with joy along with his son and embraced me in gratitude. It gave me a lot of satisfaction.Afterwords,he brought several business to our Bank in the area of transport operators amounting to Rs80.00 lacs.The message of our customer friendliness spread like anything and we have also sanctioned another education loan for medical education amounting to Rs10.00 lacs to Sri S.K.Behera and got several other Per and SME proposals. By this, I got the joy of helping others, the persons benefitted have became my good friends and the Bank has got some quality business.

Compiled by Sri P C Nayak, Bhubaneswar

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