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Monday, June 7, 2010

It must have been the effect of CitizenSBI programme

I am a Special Assistant working in Hyderabad Main Branch. 

One day as I was working in the counter, a man came to me with the request to take his instrument for Rs 50 lacs and lodge it as soon as possible. As I accepted the instrument I remarked that he must deposit the proceeds in a TDR with the Branch. He asked me my designation within the Branch. He was pleasantly surprised when he realized that an Award staff was asking him for deposit. 

To my surprise he not only kept the deposit with SBI but promised some more. After the incidence, I too was surprised as to what motivated me to do the thing I did. Normally I would have restricted my work to the desk I was attached. Then I discovered, it must have been the effect of Citizen SBI programme (which I had recently attended.) Although I never received any appreciation or recognition from the Branch head - I found to my surprise that it did not matter to me at all. 

Today I continue to canvass for deposits and other business irrespective of which desk I am attending to.
Contributed by Ms Valli Krishna, Special Assistant, Hyderabad Main Branch

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