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Friday, February 19, 2010

Searching e-Circulars Made Easy

Yet another positive contribution by Citizen Ravi Naramdeo

Shri Ravi Naramdeo, the creative hand that puts intelligent thoughts into action, for the greater good of people around, has now successfully carved a path to trace e-circulars in a jiffy through a menu, using the key words for the department, product, segment, etc.

To get a specific e-circular in the existing mode is pretty tough, but Shri Ravi makes it available easily, in seconds, whether it is department wise, year wise or its related circulars. It will prove a boon to all who want to be updated and would help a great number of aspirants for promotions. It will also help our recommending and sanctioning authorities at all levels to abide by circular instructions, since it will now be readily available, thereby secure advances and avoid calls for explanations on overlooking the same.

His wonderful contribution has been presented to LHO, Bhopal , for approval.

We wish him good luck and look forward for further innovative endeavors in Banking and other fields of his interests.
Contributed by Ms Harina Sharma, SBLC, Indore


  1. Sir, I have took VRS on 31.01.2007. Did i get the Gratuity as per revised ceiling of Rs.10lac, since i have been paid for Rs.3.50lac only. could you please in sorting out the issue.

  2. Revised ceiling for Gratuity is applicable only to those who have retired on or after 24th May 2010.

  3. Is SBI eCirculars available for customers online? If yes, plz pass the URL. Thx.

  4. sir i'm a sbi bc for sbi mat 01073 branch sir new intt. rate ser.send my email id mayanka955@gmail.com.
    thanks |
    Mayank Agrawal
    BC state Bank Of India
    Mat Branch 01073
    BC code 5d680000

  5. Dear Sh Ravi Naramdeo

    I am 74 plus and in a problem maybe you will be able to spare some time and guide me.

    I am trying to find out the exact circular detailing complete documentary requirements for change of mobile number for use in internet banking in SBI. A copy would be of immense help.

    As far as I can gather the only requirement is to generate, fill and submit “Mobile Number Approval Form” to chosen branch but my bankers do not seem to agree could you please help.


    Have a nice day
    Regards Satyawati

  6. sir, iam having a locker in sbi cholanagar branch bangalore since july 2011.my clarification is whether locker rent is to be recovered for the whole year by the bank or on prorata basis for that perticular financial year ?


  8. Sir,i would like to know if there is any maximum amount that can be deposiyed in a minors sb ac operated by NG?

  9. Dear Sir,

    I am trying to get a copy of the circular who details have appeared in Newspaper. The details of the newspaper reports are as follows:

    http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/banking/sbi-not-to-levy-charges-on-intercore-transactions/article3559390.eceMove aimed at improving competitiveness, attracting more customers

    State Bank of India has decided to make inter-core transactions ‘at par’, that is, free of charges, with immediate effect.

    The revised charges shall be effective from the date of issuance of the relevant circular, which is June 18 (Monday).

    The revised instructions are being put in place in the system by the bank’s IT department.


    Branches have been told to ensure manually that no service charge is recovered for all inter-core transactions till it is enabled in the system.

    This is part of a drive for rationalising service charges launched by the bank. Earlier, the bank had announced waiver of charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance.

    The June 18 circular recalled demand from business groups, strategic business units and various operating units for reduction of charges for inter-core transactions.

    The existing inter-core charges were perceived to be high compared to other banks. A reduction would help raise business growth, particularly in the area of generating float funds.

    Higher inter-core charges have resulted in some customers across segments opening accounts in other banks to remit funds to their beneficiary’s account in SBI.


    This had resulted in loss of float fund available, apart from leading to migration of business to other banks.

    “Complete waiver of inter-core charges will help us in to compete with private sector and public sector banks in mobilising CASA deposits,” the circular said.

    Besides, this will also give the bank a competitive edge in attracting new customers, it added.

    The circular recalled that the bank has been taking several steps to migrate customers to electronic/alternative channels for meeting their banking needs.


    This would also help in green banking. Despite several initiatives, paper-based transactions still dominate banking transactions.

    However, with the bank being fully on CBS platform with real-time transactions facilities, a need has been felt to take steps for popularising electronic banking.

    Accordingly, necessity has been felt to revisit the service charges for inter-core transactions.

    There have been demands from customers for reduction in the inter-core charges.

    Inter-core transactions relate to all transactions including deposit, withdrawal, transfer from/to non-home branch accounts at a different centre. Non-home branches are those used by depositors with accounts in other branches or banks.

    What’s inter-core?

    Inter-core transactions include:

    Deposit of cash at non-home branches;

    Deposit of cheques at non-home CBS (core banking solution) branch drawn on any CBS branch/other banks;

    Deposit of clearing instruments at non-home CBS branch drawn on non-CBS branch/other banks;

    Encashment of cheques at non-home branch;

    Transfer of funds from home branch to third party accounts at another CBS branch; and

    Pass Book updation at non-home branch.

    Having rolled out CBS branches across the country, the bank has been leveraging it to ramp up its fee-based income.

    But, according to latest SBI circular, the much cheaper NEFT/RTGS platform has been taking away to other banks significant business that would otherwise have accrued to it.

    This is what prompted it to offer complete waiver of charges on the inter-core transactions.


    (This article was published on June 22, 2012)
    Keywords: inter-core transactions, SBI, levy charges, free of charges