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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Compensation is a function of the mind

By V Srinivas

Why should I work hard?
Why should I struggle?
Why should I put myself into any difficulty for the sake of any other person?

These questions, and our answers to them, are the basis for our entire approach (motivation level) to work.

Prajnasya murkhasya ca karye-yoge
Samatvam-abhyeti tanur na buddhih

“When any work is done by an enlightened man or by and unenlightened man, there is similarity with respect to the body (only) but not with respect to buddhi (reason and will)”

A sick child is nursed by the mother. Another sick child is nursed by a maid. The two actions are similar, but the mind behind those two actions are dissimilar.

The quality of an action is determined by the quality of the mind behind the action.

If the mind is inattentive, the the job is not done well. On the other hand, if the mind is attentive then the job is done well. If the mind seeks only the end result – i.e., marks, then a student’s quality of will be restricted to doing well in the exam. On the other hand if the mind seeks knowledge, with a short term goal of doing well in the exam then the student’s quality of study will accordingly be such that he of she has mastered the subject at hand.

Clearly, what the mind seeks determines the energy and efforts that goes beyond any action.

“What the mind seeks” can be put in management language as “compensation” or “pay off”.

What compensation we seek determines how we will work – the quality of our involvement, the depth of our struggle, our willingness to go beyond the call of duty, our capacity to act with integrity and boldness, our ability to set aside our ego and personal pride in favor of the purpose at hand.

In short, the “compensation” we seek determines the “depth of our involvement and commitment” to the work at hand.


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