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Saturday, March 20, 2010


By Smita Kalve

Working with State Bank has been a fulfilling experience for many and it is a very heartening to hear the citizens argue over the question of whether money should be given as an outer fruit for many acts done during the course of performing our duties whether small or big.The bank has given all of us the opportunity to contribute to the society and we do not realize and also do not want to accept the fact that we are being paid for our contribution also.

During the course of citizen SBI classes many participants have narrated stories of helping people in need whether it be by the smallest of act as issuing a draft after banking hours or providing small monetary help (Rs 50/-100/-) to a customer in dire need of money or somewhat bigger by sanctioning a small loan under the government sponsored schemes or otherwise or by the smallest of action of honesty.

Some examples of the stories shared are:

One of our guards found a bag containing about Rs 1.5 lacs in the bank premises after working hours and immediately handed over the same to the branch manager. The bag’s owner was traced and the money handed over to him.

A young girl the student of one of the colleges in the University was late in depositing her exam fees the delay of which would have cost her a complete year as due to some compelling reasons her parents had been late in sending her the required money. She approached the Branch Manager after the close of business hours who after hearing her story opened his own cash drawer deposited the money in the respective account

One of the field officers in a village branch after much opposition from his Branch Manager sanctioned loans under Government sponsored schemes to persons who had a criminal background which helped them to start a small legal activity and pruned them away from their illegal activities.

One of the Branch Managers of a village branch decided to grant loans under DIR scheme to the lowest of the people in his area for small activities like basket weaving etc even though the Branch Managers of other banks were not willing to even sanction loans under the scheme as the loans were not being repaid. The loans not only helped in the upliftment of people of the area but most of them were repaid in time and fresh loans granted to the same people under banks usual schemes.

Such citizen stories of positive contribution abound in our Bank. As a facilitator I have argued time and again for money as one of the outer fruits in these moments but our traditions make us humble enough not to accept the fact that money is also one of the outer fruits when performing these duties the argument being that we would have got the same if we had not done these acts.

Ms Smita Kalve is a faculty at State Bank Learning Centre, Indore

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