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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A bride, hardly after a month of marriage was burnt to death, by her husband and in-laws. She had a fixed deposit account of rupees eight lacs with Piploda branch of State Bank of Indore.

A month later, her father approached Mr.Balram Meena, at the branch breaking the painful news of his dear daughter’s death. In the same breath he also profusely thanked Balram for having counseled him to make the nomination in his own name.

Balram recollected the day when the bride’s father had come with the money for a fixed deposit in the name of his daughter and for adding the name of her husband as the nominee. Both Balram and his BM had advised him to make the nomination in his own favor as the money was large and was his own earnings; also his daughter was newly married.

As the bereaved father left the branch, he murmured to himself that he has lost his dear daughter who will never return but thanks to the Bank his money atleast was safe.

For Balram, it was a situation of mixed feelings. He was happy that by doing his job in time and with empathy, he could save the father from a huge additional loss.

Contributed by Ms Harina, SBLC, Indore

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