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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


‘I have suffered the pangs of hunger and poverty’, says Mr. Nahar Singh Mandloi of State Bank of Indore working as Head Cashier at Nimarkhedi branch, District Khandwa. 
   Born to a poor landless laborer, Mr. Nahar Singh right from his childhood had endured the curse of poverty. He did his schooling, while working as a laborer in neighboring fields and digging wells with his tender hands, to meet the basic needs of his family. A meal with ‘rotis’ and vegetables was a luxury for the little Nahar Singh. He would often wonder as to why he and his family went without a meal very often, while the neighbors always had enough to eat.
   They would give away the leftovers to his family to eat, and so was his childhood- the laughter, the games, the small fights, the pranks, the friends in school, the desires, the chocolates and cream biscuits – all unknown to him.
   His early life, being one of total struggle and lack, he worked his way to the bank after completing his eighth standard of schooling.
   The bank gave Nahar Singh a reasonably good standard of living, but the pain borne during childhood both physically and mentally was transformed into a deep feeling of care and concern for the poor.
   Any beggar who approaches Nahar Singh gets atleast rupees five and more, if he needs it. Saturdays and Sundays are not days of leisure for him as he walks up to the nearby hospital and looks out for patients who need help for payment of their medical bills, medicines or even home cooked food, which he promptly gets from home and serves those in need of it. Such service has been a part of his life for the past nearly ten years.
   Posted at Sendwa branch, in the year 2005, he volunteered to feed a poor upper caste colleague for a full two years free of charge, which has been acknowledged by fellow colleagues.
   He has a wife as kind and helpful as he is, who wholeheartedly supports him in his efforts to erase the pain of poverty. He has two daughters and a son; the eldest daughter is studying at Homeopathy Medical College , Bhopal and will soon become a doctor. The other two children are in their tenth at school. Undoubtedly, children of such thoughtful parents will do them proud with their achievements in the years to come, for Nahar Singh has set an example of his own life before them, of working hard and giving as much as he can to relieve the poor of their sufferings. He expresses his gratitude to God for making him capable of serving the poor.
   He is one humble man who is constantly seeking opportunities to serve the needy and derives contentment out of it. He lives a simple life, silently sharing what little he has with the poor and in his own small ways contributes to the Herculean task of eradicating the evil called poverty. 
   One hand extended to help the needy is better than two folded in prayer—so said a wise man and Nahar Singh serves with both hands so generously, that even God watches him with pride.

Contributed by Ms. Harina, SBLC, Indore

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