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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


No one can replace a mother, they say not even God!

Those days she was a Special Assistant, working for State Bank of Indore and like all working mothers she was handling multiple responsibilities at home and at the work place. She had woven dreams for her son- of his being an engineer and living a prosperous and happy life. However she felt terribly uneasy when she found that he was not doing as well as he should. Coping with all her existing responsibilities she decided that she would additionally study the books of Engineering and pass on her understanding and learning on the subject to her son, so that he is able to get a better grasp over it and will be able to do well. She brushed aside the comments of others regarding her middle age, her other responsibilities, the time factor, etc.

A self driven woman and a dedicated mother at that, she regularly studied the subjects and explained the same to her son, who by now had developed a renewed interest in his studies. Her son was moved, seeing his elderly mother studiously taking time off her busy schedule and studying the subject only for his sake, to make it easier for him. He then, assured her of doing his best on his own, requesting her to use her spare time to relax after a hectic day of work. During that time she also got a feel of the internet, its applications and technology in particular.

Knowledge never goes a waste and her awareness of the internet helped her succeed in the interview for her promotion as an officer in the bank, as she replied with authority about the intricacies of internet banking to the amazement of the panel of interviewers. The interviewers were pleasantly surprised at the depth of her knowledge, especially the technological part, relating to the mode of payment through RTGS.

Mere words do not work, it has to be implemented and here was a woman despite all odds proved to all, more so her son, that she is a woman of action. She walks her talk. No wonder her son is proud to follow her footsteps.

Contributed by Ms Harina with inputs from Mr N K Upadhayaya, Facilitator, State Bank of Indore

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