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Monday, March 15, 2010


I travel from Ratlam to Sailana everyday by the same bus, but that day since I was late I had to take the next bus. The whole way, on hearing the horn of the bus, I was surprised to see poor children living by the roadside, coming out and showing two fingers to the driver. In answer to this, the middle aged driver would smile and show his two fingers to them. This went on throughout the journey.

I couldn’t hold back my curiosity. I asked the driver about the secret of showing two fingers, to which he gave a shrug and replied simply that it was only the love of the children. I didn’t give up. I asked him again as to what it is that children love him so much. He smiled again. On my repeated questioning, he said that when he returns in the evening to the last stop of his bus, he gets biscuits or toffees for them. The children were asking him to get two packets of biscuits that day, by showing him two fingers.

I said, “This should be costing you a lot of money”, to which he replied, “Cost, etc, does not make a difference. I have made it a daily rule. The smile on the face of the children is greater than the money I spend on them. To me that is my greatest earnings”.

I suddenly felt a sense of joy within. No doubt, this common man had a much bigger heart than any big rich man around.

Translation: Ms. Harina, SBLC, Indore 

courtesy: Mr. Rajesh K. Rawat, NAI DUNIA  

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