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Monday, March 8, 2010


He is M.F.Husain, in some sense in State Bank of Indore , working as a Head Cashier, at Malhargarh branch, District Mandsaur, who has taken a vow in the temple of Goddess Durga nearby, of walking barefoot and also not combing his hair, since the year 1995. He is Mr. Babulal Sharma, with one word, ‘samarpan’, being his mantra for life, which reflects vividly in his job in the bank and service at the feet of his Maa Durga, during spare hours.

Initially it was a vow taken for completion of construction of the temple which was further extended with a prayer that his Bank be number one in India . And lo! His prayers have been answered. He is very happy with the proposed merger of his bank with SBI that makes his bank number one!

Mr. Babulal has walked barefoot, during all seasons, on plain grounds and stony paths, without feeling the hurt. His woolen cap, which adorns his head always, covers his uncombed hair. He is comfortable and at peace with everything around him.

A devoted banker, Mr. Babulal, is revered by his colleagues as a wise man and an efficient worker. He also sings in praise of his Goddess Durga, in his own verses which he has put in the form of a book for the benefit of other devotees.

He adds humbly, that he has been successful by the grace of the Goddess, to stop sacrifice of animals in the temple. The sight of animals being slaughtered in the name of God and the ceremony that would follow of people consuming liquor and flesh in the temple, would pain him to no end. He counseled them, used milk as offering to the deity and fervently prayed to stop the cruelty towards animals. To his great delight, though it is a very old temple and it was an ancient practice to sacrifice an animal at the altar, it has been stopped altogether as on date.

He also serves his sick old mother, cleans her up himself and nurses her as he takes her in his arms, providing the comfort that she needs.

Professionalism married to spiritualism, leading to excellence is portrayed very well in Mr. Babulal. He paints a picture of peace and perfection, of efficiency and enthusiasm, simplicity and surrender to the will of the Almighty.

Indeed, dedication and contribution, touches every life with true joy and peace- the ultimate goal of humanity!

Contributed by Ms. Harina, SBLC, Indore

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